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Scented Facial Scrub   FREE

Stain removing, with a soft touch! Our special facial begins at the beginning of the bath to ensure the longest possible contact time to dissolve under eye build up, and brighten all coat colors. Ask us which scent(s) are currently available

Flea & Tick Bath   $7.00 -*$14.00

Your dog will be soaked in an all natural, USDA certified organic, flea killing shampoo. Depending on the extent of the problem the shampoo must sit for 5-20 minutes. Mandatory is fleas/ticks are found

Zymox Skin Therapy  $10.00 - $20.00

Zymox shampoo and conditioning rinse can help as the first defense against pesky microbes like yeast and bacteria. The LP3 Enzymes and vitamin D3 ensure microbes can’t develop a tolerance to the treatment and prevent the skin from drying out during treatment. Mild fragrance won’t irritate allergies, and it’s mild enough to use daily! A great alternative when those expensive prescription shampoos just aren’t getting the job done.

Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy   $5.00 - $15.00

Deep cleaning, conditioning coat repair and improved recovery our CO2 shower helps prevent that “dog smell” and helps reduce/prevent itching, greasy buildup, and coat breakage. Also great for dogs with yeast/bacterial tendencies and gently soothes arthritis. For more information click here.

Color Enhancing Shampoo   $10.00 and up

Coming Soon! Specialty shampoo and color locking conditioner are used to bring out the color of any dog. Helps to make older pets appear more youthful, and mask sun-bleaching on pets who spend lots of time outside. Available in White, Black, Blonde/Brown, and Red


Fresh Breath Treatment   $3.00

Enzymatic gel or spray applied directly to the teeth and gums for a healthy smile and fresh, kissable breath.

Toothbrushing   $7.00

Specially designed for canines, the toothbrush and toothpaste are a great way to remove excessive tarter and bacteria from your pet's mouth. Great when paired with the FreshBreath Treatment. (Requires purchase of $2 toothbrush if one if not provided.)


Soft Paw Treatment   $3.00

Applied directly to the pads of the feet and/or elbows, will help soften hard callused skin and promote healing

No More Stinky Feet Scrub   $7.00

Your dog's feet will be soaked in a sweet smelling bubble bath, that will not only soften their foot pads but help remove bacteria that get trapped in between toes and on toenails. Gentle scrubbing will remove dead skin and promote healing. After completing the drying process we then add a protective balm that helps seal off cracks, and continue the softening for another few days


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