​New Client Information & Consent Form

Attention all new clients and existing clients that have not already, we will be asking you to fill out an updated digital client contact information form at (or before) drop-off. Filling out the form in person and our digital services waiver will take just a few minutes but please plan accordingly. Each new dog will also require their own digital form.

At this time we only require proof of rabies vaccinations, we accept both one and three year vaccine certificates, or a certifiable letter from your veterinarian exempting your dog from the vaccine for any reason. Alabama requires that all pets three months of age or older to have been vaccinated for Rabies. Proof of vaccinations may be emailed to knottydog@charter.net or a picture of the certification sent via text to (205)910-5773.

For pets younger than three months we recommend they have at least their first set of shots before being groomed.

Pre-Groom Etiquette

Post-Groom Etiquette

We sincerely thank you in advance for understanding our professional policies. Your patience and cooperation ensures our ability to provide you and your pets with the high standards of professionalism and customer service you have come to expect from us.

Thank you,

Knotty Dog Staff Members

Broken Appointment Policy

Updated on August 22, 2018:

A "broken appointment fee" of up to ten dollars ($10.00) per pet will apply to accounts as deemed necessary for appointments not canceled within one business day prior to the scheduled appointment. Accounts that are delinquent must pay any fees owed before another appointment can be made; this may be done over the phone, in person, or invoiced through email. (Please note that any cancellations made after 10am for the following business day will not be deemed acceptable, and may be subject to the charges mentioned above.)

Clients who cancel last minute or do not show up to three appointments, consecutive or otherwise, will be asked to prepay for all future appointments. Prepayment of services is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Late Drop-Off / Walk-In Policy

Pets dropped off after 10am on weekdays and after 9:30am on Saturday, as well as pets with "same day appointments" may be subjected to a convenience fee of up to fifteen dollars ($15.00). Accepting late drop-offs is at the groomer’s discretion. This will not include any clients on a waiting list for a specific date if we are able to accommodate them.

No Refund Policy

We do NOT offer refunds on any grooming services.

If you are, however, dissatisfied with the outcome of your pet's groom due to; miscommunication with the groomer, too little or too excessive length removed from pets coat, or overall appearance of pet in general, you can notify us with in seven (7) days and we will arrange to have to the service redone at your convenience and at no additional cost to you.

Holiday & Saturday Pricing

Beginning September 1st, 2019: An additional fee of up to ten dollars ($10.00) per dog may be added to grooming services scheduled on Saturdays and holidays*.  Broken appointment fees will also now be doubled (up to $20.00 per dog) on Saturdays and holidays.

*Holidays include recognized government and calendar holidays and up to one work week prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Below is a list on planned holidays, including extended hours scheduling and limitations.


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